The Bakhawan Mangrove Forest has a number of activities and attractions for Boracay tourists and Kalibo residents to enjoy:

Self-Guided Nature Tour:  Guests can experience the mangrove forest by hiking along the newly renovated 1.1-km wooden bridge that begins at the entrance of the park and ends at the confluence of the Aklan River and the Sulu Sea.  A round-trip walk lasts approximately one hour, although nature lovers, outdoor photographers, and bird watchers can spend additional time enjoying the scenery. A limited number of English-speaking tour guides are available upon request.

Self-Guided Kayak Tour (beginning in February 2015): Guests can rent sit-on-top kayaks to explore the narrow waterways of the Bakhawan Mangrove Forest on their own (subject to suitable weather and tide conditions). Both single and tandem kayaks are available on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Guided River Tour: Guests can enjoy a guided tour of the Aklan River and some of the deeper channels within the Bakhawan Mangrove Forest (subject to suitable weather and tide conditions). Tours are available on a first-come, first-serve basis and can take place on either a traditional bamboo raft or a native outrigger canoe.

Tamilok Demonstration: The tamilok is a local woodworm that grows in the trees of the Bakhawan Mangrove Forest. Considered a native delicacy, the worm is eaten raw after being dipped in a light vinegar-based sauce.  Guests can enjoy a local demonstration of how the tamilok is carefully removed from a tree branch in preparation for the dinner table.  Courageous tourists are also given the opportunity to sample the tamilok woodworm for themselves.